Five ways to identify authentic Swiss watches and high imitation watches

In today's market, getting discounts on Swiss watches is easier than ever. For used Swiss watch retailers, boutique auction houses, discount online retailers and private sellers, the buyer's choice is endless. While this is definitely a smart way to buy expensive watches while gaining the most value, it is possible to be tricked into buying fake high imitation watches. In fact, the luxury watch market is full of fakes from very obvious to super stealth. Therefore, we have proposed five ways to find fake Swiss watches to help you search. With some knowledge, you will be a savvy shopper and get a great watch at a great price.

1 observation

Once you focus on a specific part, you can do some homework. Use a model, serial number and picture to study a specific timepiece so you can compare the real thing to the watch you are considering. The Internet is filled with information on specific luxury watch models, especially if they come from Rolex, Patek Philippe, Omega, Cartier,

Replica Audemars Piguet and other famous watch brands. Here are some resources you should consider:

Official brand website: If the work you are considering is part of the current collection, please check the official pictures and instructions on the brand's official website to familiarize yourself with the design and movement of the watch.

Leading watch blog/magazine: There are plenty of watch blogs and magazines to explore in-depth articles on specific replica watch models as well as high-resolution close-ups. Watch the Encyclopedia website: These types of websites provide specific and easy-to-find information such as date of production, material, and type of movement. Popular observation forums: There are a large group of people who love luxury watches, many of whom are willing to share their knowledge. Once you have the right knowledge, you can double check the watch you want to buy. Is the design correct? Does the dial, case, strap, bottom cover and all components on the movement match? Is it made of the right material? Does it have the correct date of manufacture? Is it driven by the right motion? These are just some of the details that need to be considered.

2. Location

You must buy expensive luxury Swiss watches from a trusted place or individual. Before handing out a large sum of money for a beautiful timepiece, ask yourself these questions: Is this a reputable legal company (or individual)? Any comments? Do they have a warranty, warranty replica horloges and return policy? You can buy high-end replica watches from the following places:

Grey Markets website: Unlicensed online marketplace for new genuine watches at discounted prices. These companies usually do not have a manufacturer's warranty, but provide their own warranty.

Second-hand luxury watch website: The online market for second-hand luxury watches, inspected, repaired and refurbished by internal watch experts. Sometimes an authorized retailer will also operate a second-hand luxury replica watch division.

Auction site or house: online or physical store, this is where buyers must compete with others for a particular luxury watch. Pawn shops: Stores may have a range of high-end watches that can browse other products. Private sellers: collectors who buy and sell luxury timepieces. Online forums and classified ads are often used to sell their products.

3. Price

As the saying goes, if it is really good, it may be like this. Find out the current market value of that particular watch, and if the price you offer is lower than that, then please be aware.

4. Source and invoice

Although this does not necessarily guarantee authenticity, asking the source of the watch and mastering the paperwork will indeed increase the likelihood of the authenticity of the watch. Paperwork can include receipts, manuals, authentic cards, proof of purchase, service history, replica orologi assessment documents, and more.

5. Be cautious

Perhaps the most important "P" in 5P is how to find fake luxury watches, and caution is worth it. In other words, listen to your instincts. If anything seems inappropriate, go away. Buying a luxury watch should be a pleasant experience