What is the difference between the Swiss watch genuine and the high imitation table?

Exquisite Swiss replica watches are some of the most coveted luxury. Products made by big brands like Rolex, Cartier and Patek Philippe are generally accepted status symbols, so it's no surprise that there are many high imitations on the market. According to the Swiss Federation of Watch Industry (FH), high imitation watches account for about 9% of customs seizures each year. This means that the high-profile meter is the second largest counterfeit product after textiles. Unfortunately, as the demand for luxury goods continues to increase, counterfeiters are becoming more sophisticated, with the ability to produce high-quality watch replica. It is estimated that about 15% of Internet search luxury replica watches are actually related to high imitation watches. Here are some of the differences between genuine Swiss replica watches and high imitation watches.

Swiss replica watch design and decoration

This seems obvious, but Swiss replica watches are carefully crafted to the strictest standards. Therefore, the details and finish of a real high-end Swiss watch should be perfect. Before you buy, please take the time to check the details to make sure everything is perfect. Carefully observe the dial, case, bottom cover, winding crown, lugs, bracelet and clasp. Top watchmakers are proud of the products they produce.

Be careful when checking your watch: peeling material, curved text or sloppy fonts, spacing between letters, spelling errors and incorrect logos, inappropriate bracelets, cheap and fragile bracelet buckles, won't close, Unsigned buttons, crowns, dials or bottom covers. If the orologi replica is sold as a machine, it will make a loud ticking. Before you buy, do your homework and become familiar with the original version of the particular watch model. Then use your knowledge to determine if the watch is real or fake.

The difference between Swiss replica watches and high imitation watches

Materials: Since high-end Swiss replica watches are very expensive luxury, only fine materials are used in the construction: real gold, generally 18k, real platinum, usually 950, real titanium, usually grade 5, stainless steel, usually 316L or Higher (Rolex uses 904L), leather, real diamonds and precious stones, the original packaging will also boast the top materials. Due to the quality of the materials, real Swiss replica watches tend to be heavier than high-quality watches because they use cheaper materials. The exception, however, is that high-end replica watch brands use materials such as titanium to produce ultra-light timepieces.

It should be noted that there have been reports recently that the high imitation performance is made in 18k gold.

Price: Luxury replica watches cost a lot. In addition to the fine materials, the best replica watches are usually from Switzerland, where the cost of living and operating is the most expensive in the world. It takes a lot of money to run these global luxury watch brands, and their commodity prices clearly reflect this. In addition, there is no doubt that if high-end replica watches are cheap, they will not really be sought after! So considering this, if the price of a particular watch is too low compared to its market price, then it may be a fake and shoddy brand. Today's demand for high-end replica watches is great, so a very low price should cause one or two eyebrows. Unlike in the past, the Internet has made the approximate market value of almost all luxury watch models today easier, so research is needed.

It is important to emphasize that high imitations are not only illegal, but that counterfeit and shoddy products also have unmanageable scandals related to human rights violations, child labor, money laundering and other criminal activities. High-end replica watches not only represent luxury and uniqueness, but also include hard work, technical mastery and the qualities of the people behind the materials and processes used. When choosing to buy a genuine luxury watch, you are contributing to a major industry with a rich and proud tradition, so please help yourself and follow fake rolex these tips to make sure you buy real deals, not plagiarism.

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