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Intelligent Video Surveillance (IVS)
Surveillance camera has become more and more popular nowadays. However, the main purpose for surveillance camera is just ready for forensic evidence. How to prevent property damage from happening and how to use surveillance video wisely are more important than just recording.

NUUO Intelligent Video Surveillance (IVS) system provides innovative, accurate video analytic for both IP and analog cameras. The IVS engine can track, classify and analyze the behavior of individual or group of objects over long distance to greatly improve parameter security and monitoring efficiency.

High accuracy
Compatible with IP and analog cameras
Multiple and prompt event responses
Intelligent recording schedule
Intelligent metadata event search
Alarm source for NUUO Central Management System
Design Highlights
• People Counting
This counting solution includes a bi-directional line-crossing filter, suitable for counting people in busy doorways and entrances.
• Presence Filter
(Tripwire) Detects when an object or individual has penetrated the defined perimeter.
• Stopping
Objects that are stopped inside a zone for longer than the defined amount of time will trigger an alarm.
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