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Deer Park Police Department Goes IP by Adopting NUUO IP Video Surveillance Solution
The Police Department was looking for excellent coverage and equipment from a cutting-edge surveillance system at the best possible price. 

Organization :

Deer Park
Police Department

Location :
Dallas, US

Industry segment :

Solution :
NUUO Hybrid


911 Security Camera Inc. designed and installed an integrated IP video surveillance system with NUUO software for the Deer Park Police Station. 

911 Security’s IP video surveillance solution gives the department centralized control over all aspects of security.  The surveillance system provides 24 hour monitoring of all areas of the department's operations including booking areas, holding cells, interview rooms, parking lots and the entrances.  A key task of the project was planning the layout of the IP security cameras, to guarantee the optimum balance between security coverage and cost. 

The benefit of implementing mega pixel cameras resulted in a significant cost savings for the police department.

Mega pixel technology reduced the number of cameras required because the image produced covers three times more area than a conventional camera.  
25 IP cameras are managed by one NUUO network management tool.  Cameras selected for the project include 21 ACTI 1.3 mega pixel cameras and 4 IP PTZ cameras to monitor parking lots, entrances/exits, ,perimeters and inside of the police station.

NUUO IP video surveillance software manages all the ACTi IP cameras and IP PTZ cameras, allowing the police officers to monitor all camera activity simultaneously on a single network.  NUUO video surveillance software was also chosen not only for its flexibility and compatibility but also for its user-friendly interface and rich features.  Some such features are built-in web server, remote live viewer, embedded video enhancement tools, and detection of missing or foreign objects.

911 Security Camera adopting NUUO software met the departments requirement to balance cost and coverage while maintaining a superior security standard

Major savings in infrastructure costs can be owed to the use of IP camera technology.  An IP camera's video signal transmits directly over Ethernet, using existing local or wide area network infrastructure.  Ethernet also allows transmission of Pan/Tilt/Zoom, or PTZ, camera control commands on a single cable.  In addition, NUUO video intelligent analytics software is embedded within the camera circuitry, as opposed to the server, resulting in cost savings and performance improvements.  The camera’s analytics will help the police department analyze video quicker and with more efficiency while maintaining the integrity of the digital evidence.