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The Cristal Hotel provides top-class reliable service with NUUO's discreet surveillance software
NUUO provides forward-looking security service from its extensive experiences of high level surveillance demands

Organization :
Cristal Hotel
Location :
Abu Dhabi,UAE

Industry segment :

Solution :
Creating the best customer experience by deluxe service and top surveillance software
The Cristal Hotel is a four star hotel in Abu Dhabi, the capital and second largest city of the United Arab Emirates (UAE). The hotel is located in the heart of the Abu Dhabi business district, and offers both business travelers and tourists the ultimate in deluxe facilities and accommodation. In this four star hotel, high-status clients include royalty, celebrities, politicians, and oil business leaders who demand full quality service and an excellent and extensive surveillance system to set themselves at ease;  Thus, the protection of both customer and hotel property is a key factor. 
Advance performance in remote connectivity, intelligent video detection and storage management
NUUO NVR IP+ software was installed to manage 100 CH of VIVOTEK IP cameras. NUUO NVR IP+ can support 64CH of IP cameras per server, so security managers only need two NUUO NVR IP+ Servers to manage the whole 100CH system. Security guards and managers look through the recording by NUUO remote live view, which is user friendly for managers to control the system day and night.

  Moreover, NUUO Transcode enables the system to record and be displayed at different frame rates and resolution. The security guards can record the image in high quality in case of a later need as evidence, but view the image at an average frame rate and resolution to save bandwidth and storage cost.

  Hotels have customers seven days the week, from day through night, so they need a 24 hour stable, smart surveillance system to ensure customers’ safety. NUUO intelligent video analytics manages itself smartly and enlarges the efficiency of security systems. General motion detection enables instant alarms to be shown on screen, E-map or via notification by E-mail or cell phone so that the security guards can react immediately if any emergency event occurs.

  NUUO GUI can intuitively set recording duration or specific event recording so that the security guard can manage the recording storage by appropriately setting up the different demands. ”It’s easy and friendly user interface, easy for operators to understand, and the GUI is good. “ The security guard said.
A total solution that anticipates every expanding consideration in advance
NUUO software not only protects customers and the hotel from theft and other crimes but also reduces the hotel’s cost with the surveillance system; it enhances each customer’s positive experiences by the over-all security environment and thus increases the customer’s excellent impression and comments on the Cristal Hotel, which is very important for a service industry. Furthermore, NUUO provides an open platform solution with 36 IP camera brands and 560 camera models all fully integrated, thus fully addressing all demands and concerns while open for any further expansion which might be needed in the future.

   “Using NUUO Software we can add multi vendor cameras to a project and so the client is not limited to one manufacturer’s product. This also gives opportunity for the client to select many types of cameras from different vendors.” The system integrator explained.