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NUUO & vForge provide Hybrid solution for Downtown Denver’s Park Central Complex
The integration of analog and IP cameras, plus the intelligent video analysis, provides an  efficient and reliable security solution


 Organization :
 Park Central complex

 Location :
 Denver, US

 Industry segment :

 Solution :

Park Central, in the heart of Denver’s business district

Park Central is owned by Means-Knaus, a real estate investment firm in the United States, and the security system is managed by Universal Protective Services (UPS), one of the top ten security companies in the U.S. Park Central is a 550,440-square-foot office Class A building located in the heart of Denver’s downtown business district. There are bank, restaurants, ATM machines, fitness room, media center, etc, located in this complex; thus an effective overall security solution is necessary, and NUUO, vForge, and ACTi, cooperate in providing an efficient and reliable security solution.

Hybrid, IP and analog, cameras with high efficiency video analysis help reduce costs

Within the complex, ACTi megapixel IP cameras and analog cameras are installed; vForge’s, NUUO Hybrid NDVR server, integrates IP and analog cameras into one server. The main entrances and lobby are monitored by analog cameras to prevent infractions or anti-social behavior, and ACTi megapixel IP cameras are installed at outdoor plaza to have a clearer and broader view in this wide area to monitor approaches.
ACTi calculates, a 3 Megapixel camera can view 3.5 times more of an area than a standard analog camera (640x480). Megapixel cameras have become the future trend in surveillance, and NUUO/vForge fulfills the need to expand the system from analog to megapixel IP cameras and to use resources more efficiently
UPS uses smart detection to more effectively manage the system. Record settings are based on the sensitivity of each camera; set to continuous, motion based, and event based, each camera are chosen to maximize efficiency and guard responsiveness. vForge servers fully implement NUUO smart detection tools; by NUUO 6 events detections with 10+ instant alarms, managers can not only save bandwidth and storage costs by reducing unnecessary recording but also make surveillance more precise. A UPS security guard said--”NUUO gives me control without leaving”.

User friendly software and high level technical support

In this business complex, armored cars often enter and leave the bank and ATM areas. To reduce robbery risks and to provide visual evidence if an event does occur, the security guards have to record all license plates, vendor names and times of entry and exit. They use Digital PTZ with joystick and Counting Application to record all information.
NUUO Digital PTZ allows cameras to view license plates more clearly, joystick control make the PTZ operation more user-friendly. The counting application offers intelligent 2-way (in/out) counting of objects, people and traffic, thus enabling security guards to better record all entrance and exit information. If any unusual event happens, the guard can react instantly to prevent further risk.
UPS choose NUUO on vForge servers as its partner because it’s user-friendly, stable, and flexible together with intelligent functions and fast support team. A UPS security guard explained: “NUUO is the best, most handy software that I have ever used, and the response of their engineers is also very fast”, “coupled with reliability of the vForge server it’s a win all around”