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Training Course
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NUUO POS Introduction

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More than security, NUUO contributes to environmental protection
NUUO intelligent software becomes the bridge linking environmental protection and surveillance at the Hsinhai Manmade Wetland.


 Organization :
 Hsinhai Manmade  Wetland

 Location :
 Taipei, Taiwan

 Industry segment :

 Solution :

Promoting environmental protection with NUUO surveillance solution

A manmade wetland is an artificial purifying natural ecological mechanism. It has three main goals: Pollution abatement of wastewater, improvement in biodiversity and the promotion of environmental protection.

Hsinhai Manmade Wetland is a large constructed wetland in Taipei County, treating 4,000 cubic meters of sewage per day while creating an eco-friendly living environment to foster biodiversity. The government chose NUUO software to record the ongoing situation in this area, and then broadcast live to governmental websites and educational institutes in order to enlarge the goals of the project.

NUUO NVR system supports wireless networks and is solar powered

The system conductor chose a wireless network system and a solar power providing system, together with Speed-Dom IP cameras. Hsinhai Manmade Wetland, in an area of 200 acres, is a harsh environment: Analog cameras cannot work because it is not possible to connect cables, so IP cameras with a wireless network and solar power are the most reliable solution.
The recordings of events are sent to the Eco-Exhibition Center, and viewed by visitors and guides who are able to offer explanations regarding the site. NUUO Remote Live Viewer enables people to remotely control the entire system. The system integrator has stated that !¡±NUUO integrates hundreds of camera models with thoughtful functions. There are few software companies like that, and it helps me to easily find camera models and conduct systems that match such a special construction need.¡L 

User friendly system enables the general public to view the natural life

To fulfill the goals of environmental promotion, it is necessary that everyone, even a child, can easily take advantage of the system. NUUO software supports Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE) browser without any setup. Anyone who can surf with IE can be closer to nature, including cell phones and PDA: Thus the wetland images can be easily broadcast.
  Moreover, the record is stored and will be used in documentaries, which can be used for educational environmental promotion. NUUO makes browsing records smarter and faster through 5 intelligent searches, includes general motion, foreign objects or by time. In this quiet environment not much happens all the time, so with these searching functions recording and clipping becomes easier and more effective.
   In addition, the intelligent video system can monitor the situation in the wetland. If any unusual situation occurs, such as the water abnormally increasing, the government can react immediately and prevent further flooding or risk.
Three-in-one smart software enlarges your investment
NUUO had three main goals at the Hsinhai Manmade Wetlands!XSurveillance, Education and Environmental Protection. NUUO software helps to fulfill these three goals in one easy step, thus enlarging the government!|s investment. By these creative usages of surveillance, we have high efficiency software fulfilling all goals and expanding all expectations.