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Training Course

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Prestige Luxury Rentals adopt NUUO software to protect their luxury vehicles

“NUUO was the only solution that offered all the functions we needed in a user friendly product”


Organization : 
Prestige Luxury Rentals
Location :
Atlanta, US

Industry segment:
Solution :
Protection of Luxury Vehicles in South Beach Miami, Florida and Atlanta, Georgia
Rental cars are parked on a main street where pedestrians constantly pass and thus Prestige Luxury Rentals needs to monitor them from inside their office. Since many of their cars are in a parking garage that they also need to monitor, they placed IP cameras in the garage and now can monitor them from their main office. I- Tech Security adopts NUUO surveillance system to protect Prestige Luxury Rental cars. 
Instant Response when Luxury Cars are missing
In order to be notified when one of their luxury cars has been moved, Prestige Luxury Rentals set up event detections for missing objects in order to respond to NUUO surveillance immediately when cars go missing. Prestige Luxury Rentals has a second location in Atlanta, GA and the owner needs to be able to see both locations at the same time. Therefore Prestige Luxury Rentals utilizes remote live view in all of their branches in order to monitor luxury cars in all locations.
    NUUO surveillance system with E-map helps the managers of Prestige Luxury Rentals to monitor cars in both the garages and the main streets. With E-Map, the managers can easily view their cars and be able to respond instantly when any cars are moved.
Maximize recording time to reduce cost
One of NUUO intelligent video system functions is the GUI recording schedule which provides Prestige Luxury Rentals an efficient recording schedule. Prestige Luxury Rentals utilize event recording schedule to guard their cars and to maximize recording times. “NUUO was the only solution that offered all the functions we needed in a user friendly product” is the strongest proof of why selecting NUUO products is always the best choice.