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EMEA 15 July, 2009 IVV Webinar
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13 Aug- 13 Aug, 2009 NUUO Training with Frankstreet Johannesburg

South Africa

Latin America 16 July-17 July,
Panashop Seminar Lima Peru
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25 July-25 July,
Honduras NUUO Seminar San Pedro Sula Honduras

29 July,2009

NUUO Seminar



North America 15 July, 2009 NUUO Table Day Kansas City , KS US
16 July, 2009 NUUO Table Day St. Louis, MO US
15 July-16 July,
NUUO Vendor Day with Anixter St. Louis, MO US
16 July-16 July,
Northern Video Systems Event (PA) King of Prussia, PA US
Asia 22 July-22 July,
Zero Distance Management Seminar Jakarta Indonesia
Training Course
Training Course

NUUO Product Lines and Demonstration Online, US 22 July-22 July, 2009
NUUO Training and Webinar Online, US 2009
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Avoid Theft and Protect Assets to Reduce Cost During Troubled Times
NUUO provides Macanna chain stores the most flexible security solution at a minimum cost

Organization :

Macanna Inc.

Location :

Industry segment :

Solution :

The classic Italian footwear crafter meets NUUO’s latest surveillance technology

Macanna, originated from the Masaccio family of Tuscany and have been renowned for their leather crafts, dyeing and tanning since 1960. Foresee the need of a stable and expandable security solution under a total 89 chain stores around Taiwan with constant high volume of customer flow, Macanna selected NUUO network surveillance system to provide a secure environment.

NUUO’s unlimited remote live views helps Macanna headquarters and branches to manage all their chain stores

In addition to its current CCTV surveillance systems, Macanna aims to strengthen their security needs in two stages. In the first stage, every chain store needs PTZ IP cameras to provide a higher resolution video quality and to monitor all corners inside the store. Besides, in order to manage all in-store video streams to reduce theft and avoid violence in the stores, NUUO unlimited remote live views offer the best solution for Macanna to achieve its goals. In the future, Macanna will deploy the NUUO software to manage cameras and replace traditional system into NUUO intelligent surveillance system.
 Macanna has installed NUUO’s NVR software solution to manage 76 new-mounted SONY and VIVOTEK PTZ IP cameras in their more than 60 chain stores to monitor the in-store customer flow on different floors and the transaction situation at the counters. Headquarters security guards can also monitor all live images instantly by NUUO’s remote liver viewer. Under this central management pattern Macanna can manage their security needs in a cost-efficient way.

NUUO’s solution provide more flexibility for future expansion needs

In the near future, Macanna expects to have 200 IP cameras in its chain stores under the management of NUUO’s IP software. Furthermore, they expect to replace the current CCTV cameras with IP cameras gradually, which may reach a total of 400 cameras. The function of NUUO’s steady recording quality and smart guard systems enhances the efficiency of responding to any unusual incidents in all chain stores. Macanna is confident of NUUO’s outstanding capability to provide a safer environment, free from vandalism and able to reduce costs during troubled times.