[Mainconsole][6.0] How to take backup of the configuration?

When user is trying to backup the configuration in Mainconsole,

please notice that

there are two types of config files in Mainconsole 6.0 (and above)

1. *.sc, ex: Config_backup.sc

2. *.cfg, ex: Config_20150817_104930.cfg

What is the difference?

  1. The config file *.SC is generated manually by user, while *.cfg is automatically generated by Mainconsole.
  2. The timing of generating *.CFG config file is ONLY when UPGRADE or REMOVE Mainconsole. 
  3. The CFG file is stored in the Mainconsole installation folder.
  4. The *.SC file can only be imported into Mainconsole with the same version, while the *.CFG file is able to be imported into "different versions". for example, the config.SC which is generated from version 6.1.2 could NOT be imported into version 6.0.5, but the config.CFG could.

Config File How to Generate Generate Timing Apply version Store location
SC  manually user-defined 6.0 and above user-defined
CFG automatically Upgrade or remove 
5.2 and below Mainconsole
Installation folder

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