How to connect CMS server through internet?
Customer could connect CMS server through internet, but cannot view the live view and playback on NCS client. After checked NVR setting, it shows private IP address. The network topology as below:

1. Customer opened the NCS server port (default: 5180) on router only but didn’t open live view and playback port.
2. They have use NCS client to connect to NCS server through local side. It will result in the NCS server keep private IP address settings of the NVR server. So when the remote NCS client connects to local NCS server, it will get the previous NVR configuration.

Please ensure that you have setup port forwarding of each relevant ports on router. As this topology, please open those ports (default) on each product:
For NVRmini2/Solo:
Live view stream port: 5150
Playback port: 5160
CMS service port: 5170


For NCS Server:
CMS service: 5180

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