Why the disk capacity is up to 2TB when the disk that is being used has larger capacity?
When using 3TB, 4TB, 6TB or larger capacity disks, only 2TB disk’s capacity are usable.

Root Cause
·         A computer using an older Windows version than Windows Vista (Ex: Windows XP) don’t support GPT partition style.
·         If the windows version used is above of Windows Vista (Ex: Windows 7), GPT partition is not being used.
·         The motherboard does not support UEFI.

·         Windows version must to be Windows Vista or above.
·         Be sure the partition created for the disk(s) is using GPT format style, if not, delete and create the partition again using GPT format, be aware that the current data will be deleted.  
·         Be sure that the PC’s motherboard support UEFI.

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