What’s the meaning of this error message “Mainconsolse has been recovered from system error due to HDD throughput…” ?
After Mainconsole restarted automatically, this error message occurred.

1. HDD throughput cannot handle the camera’s total bitrate.
2. HDD have damaged track.

1. There are a few solutions could resolve the throughput issue:
(1)  Change event type from motion record to always record to avoid too many motion events occurred frequently.
       It will result in the recording data shattered and system will be unstable.

(2)   Adjust camera’s parameter (resolution, fps, bitrate) to lower camera’s total bitrate
(3)   Replace HDD which have the better throughput.
(4)   Increase HDD amount and enable “Disk load balance” function.
       For example, if you have four disks and have enabled this function, the total throughput should around equal to “(80Mbps x 1) + (50 Mbps x 3) = 230Mbps”.

2. Re-combined and clear HDD by Windows build-in tool, and scan the HDD to check it whether have any damaged HDD track or not. 
    If there is damaged HDD tracks have been detected, please replace it to others HDD.

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