How to collect dump file and system info for trouble shooting?

When Crystal encounters a critical error, like crashes / hangs / error messages shows up..etc,

USER could collect dump files and system infomation for trouble shooting, and bring these data to us via eHelpdesk


1. Please find Nuclient / BackuuPlayer / NuMatrix dump files as below folder:

C:\USERNUUO\NuClient\Crystal Series\Nuclient\OptionData\dump
C:\USERNUUO\NuClient\Crystal Series\BackupPlayer\OptionData\dump
C:\USERNUUO\NuClient\Crystal Series\NuMatrix\OptionData\dump
2. Plese download InfoCollect for Crystal, and follow the below procedure to collect Crystal system information:
     (a) Extract downloaded file to PC that can connect to the server with issues. Unpack the .rar file, and open a file named server.txt.
     (b) Inpu your Crystal IP Addresses into this file server.txt and save.
     (c) Run InfoCollect.exe
     (d) After done, the Infocollect will generate a folder named by date and time. Please open it.
     (e) send the generated *.zip file named by IP address of Crystals for us to check.

3. Please provide us with below information:

      (a) Crystal FW version
      (b) Device Pack version.
      (c) NuClient Version.
      (d) IP Camera model and FW version.
      (e) snapshot of error message
      (f)  video clips of operation procedure which induced the critical error
      (g) Config files from Management server
4. Please provide teamviwer and passwod to us, or public link of Crystal (Management server)
    Please also provide Crystal IP address and admin password.
Our available time is 10am~12am,2pm~6pm (GMT+8) from Monday to Friday 

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