ezNUUO Registration Error code: 2

When registrate a server ID on NVRsolo for ezNUUO service,
It shows "Failed to register server ID Error code: 2"

  1. Network is not stable and could not access P2P Server.
  2. Web Client was blocked to access P2P server by firewall

  1. Please upgrade to the latest FW version, upgrade link
  2. Please check the network of the Client.
  3. Disable the Windows Firewall and try again. 
  4. Disable the firewall of Router and try again
  5. Please check the Internet Interface is choosing right LAN port.
  6. The Primary DNS must have IP Address.                                             
  7. If it is still NOT working, please fill-in ezNUUO Support Form and contact NUUO via eHelpdesk

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