[Mainconsole]How to use Multi Stream Function in 5.0 to avoid the transcoding request on Remote Live Viewer?

When using Remote Live Viewer connected to Mainconsole server, CPU loading is reaching 100% due to transcoding request


Use Multi-Stream function in Mainconsole 5.0 to avoid the transcoding request. Mainconsole 5.0 can use stream2 and stream3 directly from camera (if this camera supports multi stream) rather than transcoding stream1 into other stream profile
  1. Before Enable Multi-Stream function: Mainconsole server is transcoding stream1 into stream2 due to Remote Live Viewer is requesting stream2
  2. When click on [Open Stream Usage Panel] in [Start Menu], USER could see all channels are transcoding “stream1” , which is usually the original stream with highest resolution and biggest bit rate, into "stream2" for Remote Live Viewer.
  3. After enabled Multi-Stream function on Mainconsole 5.0, no decoding request is needed for Mainconsole server, due to Remote Live Viewer now could use stream2 directly from camera itself. Except for the camera which does NOT support Multi-Stream function.
  4. Please refer to this wiki "How to enable Multi-Stream function?" to know the detailed setting on Mainconsole 5.0

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