IP camera troubleshooting
1.     The Camera cannot be added in NUUO products.
2.     The channel display improperly as black screen, flicker, or broken image.
3.     The channel screens show “Disconnect/Stopped” or “Connecting…” message.

Please follow the instructions to do troubleshooting step by step:
1.    First of all, connect the camera to your PC directly then check whether it can be accessed through web browser and  showed the live view properly or not.

Note: If this camera cannot be accessed properly or the abnormal image also shows in the web browser in this step, it means that issue might be caused by the camera itself.
2.   Check the compatibility between the camera and NUUO products according below link first
If this camera has been integrated in our product, please upgrade firmware and device pack of NUUO products to the latest version to avoid the compatible issue. If you want to use ONVIF, please refer to this Wiki to see if the camera’s ONVIF version is compatible with NUUO product or not.
Wiki - Is my camera supported by NUUO products via ONVIF?

Note : Please choose the compatible camera model, and if the camera’s firmware version doesn’t match our support list, please also upgrade / downgrade to the compatible version.

3.    Connect that camera to current network environment then see if it still works properly in web browser or not.

Note: If that camera cannot be accessed properly in this step, it means that the issue might be caused by the network equipments (switch / cable ).
4.    Connect NUUO product to your network and add the camera into NUUO system.

If the issue still remains, you may try to do below steps to check the network setting:
(1) Make sure you choose the correct vendor / model and enter the correct username and password of camera.
(2) You may try to change the camera’s protocol to TCP/UDP/HTTP.
(3) Power off the camera then ping to camera’s IP address and see if whether could ping to this IP address successful or not. If the camera’s IP address still alive, it is probably caused by the IP address conflict. Please find the conflicted device and change the IP address of it. After that, please do the same step for NVR.

If the symptom still couldn’t be resolved, please provide the following information to us and contact us through eHelpdesk.
1.     Please provide the full network topology, and the diagram is preferred.
2.     Please provide the IP Camera’s Information (Model and FW version) and parameter (video format [H.264 / MPEG4 / MJPEG], resolution, fps, etc) of each channel.
3.     Please provide the firmware and DP version of NUUO product.
4.     Please describe how to duplicate the issue in detail.  
5.     How often does this issue occur?
6.     Please provide the Team viewer session to us if it possible. Our available time is from A.M 10:00 to P.M 6:00 in Taiwan local time.(GMT+8), Monday to Friday. 

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