Failed to login to Crystal NuClient or it shows no video is displayed when using WinXP or Vista
1. When trying to login NuClient, no video image is displayed.
2. Config Client will show the progress bar and display following message:
    "Failed to connect to the Management Server due to lost network connection. Try reconnect to the Management Server"

1. Windows XP Professional (Service Pack 2, 3) and Vista (Service Pack 1) have an limit of 10 ongoing connections.
2. Windows XP Home reduces this limit to 5 ongoing connections.
3. Crystal system may encounter this problem when connecting to mmultiple recording servers, especially over WAN enrironment.

Windows OS ongoing connection list
OS ongoing connection count
XP Home 5
XP Professional 10
Vista SP1 10
Vista SP2 Unlimited
Server 2008 SP1 10
Server 2008 SP2 Unlimited
Win 7 Unlimited

1. Use Windows 7 to run Crystal NuClient. 
2. Wait a while after login to see if video is displayeded in NuClient or connection to Management Server is established in Config Client.
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