Unknown error in NuClient
When connecting to Titan NVR by Live View web page or NuClient application, it will popup a message saying  "Unknow Error".

1. User has enabled the "White / Black List" in Titan NVR "Network Service" setting, but didn't input the IP Address in the White / Black List.

2. It's connecting with ACTi camera and there are some algorithm error in between.
3. ESET NOD32 Antivirus 4 software.
Because by default, the ESET security product automatically detects programs that are used as web browsers and email clients, and adds them to the list of programs that the internal proxy scans.
This can cause loss of internet connectivity or other undesired results with applications that use network features but are not web browsers/email clients.

1. Disable the White / Black List.
2. Upgrade Titan NVR DevicePack to 2.17.1 or above.
3. Regarding the ESET issue solution, please follow below steps to do the troubleshooting:

(a)First, open the main program window of the ESET software.

(b) Click the "Enter entire advanced setup tree..."

(c) To Expand Protocol filtering, click Excluded applications and make sure that the web browser iexplorer.exe and NuClient.exe are selected. (as below pic)

For your reference, please refer to ESET Knowledgebase: Adjust Protocol filtering settings to prevent computer disruptions due to network traffic scanning (4.x) to check.

4. If the issue still remain, please submit the Ticket on eHeldpesk.

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