How does failover works
Failover Agent is a software to enable a spare recording server (the failover server) to take over the recording work once the regular recording server become unavailable.

Note 1: Support IP+ and Video Encoder (no capture card)
Note 2: If there are more than 1 server crashed Failover server will take over the higher priorty server to make sure not to loss the important recording.

For example,
NUUO Failover Agent Scenario
3 recording servers(Mainconsole) and1 failover server.(as below picture)
Mainconsole a (32 ch): Priority 2
Mainconsole b (32 ch): Priority 3
Mainconsole c (32 ch): Priority 1

1. Failover will continuously detecting the recording servers.

2. Once the failover detect the server crashed, for example Mainconsole a, then it take over the jobs of Mainconsole a to do the recording.

3. Regaring the priority, if the priority 1 Mainconsole c is crashed at the same time, the Failover will give up the lower priority server(Mainconsole a) and take over the higher priority server(Mainconsole c)

1 Failover server can support up to 8 Mainconsole servers but only can backup one server at the same time.

How to setup the failover Agent:
1. Install “Failover Agent” on Failover Server. (on Mainconsole user manual page 19~23 )

2. After install the Failover, please go to the server page to setup the Recording Server’s Name, IP Address, Port, Username, Password and Priority you wants to do the backup.
Note: Onguard default port is “5220”.
Then you can click "Test Server" to check the connection.

3. After setup it will show this server status:
For more information, please refer to our Mainconsole user manual on page 143~154.

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