How to apply view group scenario
How can I monitor three specific important areas all at the time and other areas by rotation with a few seconds?
Also, how can I get instant notification with the live view of problem one when alarms (event) occur?
There are three parts in this scenario below:
  1. One view with 2x2 layout.
  2. In 2x2 layout, 3ch (grids) for specific camera displaying in each grid and one grid for all 16ch cameras rotation.
  3. When alarms happen, there will show live stream of the alarm camera on the 1x1 layout and then return to the original 2x2 layout settings after X seconds. (which is user-defined)
As above scenario, please kindly refer to below steps.
  1. Enable the "Edit Mode".
  2. Go to View Group List toolbar.
  3. Right click, and select "Add View Group".
  4. Right click on View Group you just added, and select "Add View".
  5. Input View name, select 2x2 display layout, and then click OK button to save this View.
  6. Right click on the View you just created, and select "Grid Tour".
  7. Assign 16 IP Cameras to this Grid Tour, and set Grid Tour Interval time. 
  8. Right click on the view, and select settings.
  9. Assign 3 cameras into this view and you may adjust the camera position by up and down arrow.
  10. Add another view for alarm popup:
    (a) Set to 1x1 layout
    (b) Set red flag on 1x1 layout. (After you clicked, you will see the red triangle on the top right corner)
    (c) Click OK button to save this view.
  11. Right click on your View Group, and select "Add View Tour".
  12. Setting in the view tour configuration.
    (a) Input View tour name
    (b) Assign views to this view tour
    (c) Set the Tour interval time
    (d) Assign "Alarm View"
    (e) Enable "Exclude alarm view in view tour"
    (f) Click OK to save this View tour settings
  13. Go to Alarm setup.
    (a) Enable "Close Alarm"
    (b) Close Alarm after 15 seconds
    (c) Select the Even type ("General Event" for Smart Guard events and "Advanced Event" for IVS events)
    (d) Choose Event
    (e) Choose which Matrix that alarms send to
    (f) Select "Group 1" (Group 1 means "red" flag)
    (g) Click OK button to save this Alarm settings
  14. Disable "Edit Mode", and select the view tour you just created, and right click assign to Matrix.


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