How to set up POS in Crystal Titan?
In Crystal Titan, we support Metadata Server such as the POS machine and Access Control in Crystal Titan.  In this article we'll guide you how to setup the POS in Crystal Titan.


1. Please activate your metadata channel license in management server

2. Assign Volume for the metadata server

3. Install the Plugin

4. Add the metadata device:
a. Click “Metadata  Server”
b. Click “Add” button .
c. Click on “Metadata Device”
d. Go to “Properties” tab
e. Enable “Metadata Source” and input the “Name” and “Description”
f.  Input “IP Address” and “Port”

g. Click “Connection Test” button to check the metadata device is available or not.                                                  

5. Add metadata channel:
a. Click “Metadata  Device”
b. Click “Add” button
c. Click on “Metadata Channel”
d. Go to “Properties” tab e. Enable “Metadata Channel” and input the “Name” and “Description”
f.  Select “Schedule Profile” (Recording Metadata schedule)
g. Setup Retention day (Keep recorded metadata xx days)

6. Filter the metadata in the "Filter" page.
    Press the "Catch" button to recieve the transaction and press the "Catch" button to stop recieve the transactions.

    Then have to setup the Transaction Start and Transaction End.

   a. Use “Filter Configuration” to filter the original data
   b. Adjust the “Action type” priority
   c. The filtered data will shows in the “Filtered data”

7. Go to "Monitor Display" to adjust the transaction display position and zone size.
    Also you can modify the OSD in this page.

   Then please associate the camera you want with the metadata:
   a. Set a “Associated Camera”     (The metadata text will overlap on this video device)
   b. Enable / Disable showing  the  metadata  with  associated camera on Live view
8. Then you'll able to see the metadata showing in the live view page

For your reference, we have the video library for:


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