Why do I get missing WMVCore.DLL is missing?

Normally, it should install the desktop experience during software installation process because in default the Window Media Player in Windows 2008 server is disable. Under installation process, the user will see a pop up window message to notices user to install desktop experience. In this stage, simply click YES the system will start install desktop experience features automatically. If the user click NO, it will only install software only and without install desktop experience features on OS.

How to install Desktop Experience, please following these steps:
1. Start Server Manager.
ServerManager 1.jpg
2. In the details pane, locate the Feature Summary area, and then click Add Features.
Features 2.jpg
Features 2 1.jpg
3. In the Add Features Wizards, click to select the Desktop Experience check box, and then click Next.
AddFeaturesWizard 3.jpg
4. Click Install.
AddFeaturesWizard 4.jpg
5. After the Desktop Experience feature is installed, click Close to exit the Add Features Wizard, and then click YES to restart the computer.
AddFeaturesWizard 5.jpg
6. The installation process will be complete once the computer has restarted.
Restart 6.jpg
In installing process should see a command prompt window popup on screen for 30 seconds hence it is successful and finish installation. After completed installation you may have to restart the system as required.
After close examination, we found the user may encounter this difficulty under this situation: If user have administrator’s account and password but log in 2008 R2 with limited access privilege for administrator. For this limited account user, you can install Main Console but change certain computer settings will fail includes desktop experience installation because of the account limitation.
Please notify user to log on with administrator account so they can install Main Console software and change computer settings.

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