ImmerVision image detection failed (ImmerVision Lens)
After configurating the Lens seting and right click on the live view image to select PTZ Mode, quad mode or perimeter mode, but geting the error message "ImmerVision image detection failed".

1. This is a limitation of ImmerVision SDK, where you have to fit a circular angle lens that can function ImmerVision Lens.

For example, below picture is not a full circle. Its top and bottom was cut off. 

2. If you are using supported fisheye camera but you choose immervision lens instead "Generic Dewarp" in Lens Setting.

Note that currently in NVRmini 2, Titan NVR and NVRsolo we do not support "Generic Dewarp" fuction for fisheye camera yet. We'll have this function soon.

1. Please adjust the ImmerVision Lens angle more "round",replicas relojes or more circular. 
    1st image is better than the 2nd one.

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