Why is my NVRmini 2 failed to record?
The hard drives have been installed properly. The IP cameras have been configured properly and I can see the live video through IE browser. Why is there no any recorded video at playback?

1. Does not set up the Recording Mode ("Always Recording" or "Recording by Schedule").
2. Hard Drive issue such as disable Hard Drive Volume or faulty HD.

1. Please go to "Recording Settings" and ensure it’s either "Always Recording’’ or "Recording by Schedule".

2. Please check your RAID management and follow the instructions below.

a. Start an IE browser and connect to this NVRmini 2.

b. Please ensure you are able to see “Free Capacity: xx GB” in the upper right corner. If no, it means there is a problem with your hard drives.

c. Go to RAID & File System -> RAID Management. Please ensure the status is "VOLUME".
For example, if you are unable to see "VOLUME" and "Free Capacity: xx GB” in the upper right corner" 

Please follow below step to configure the RAID volume.

Step1. Go to “RAID & File System” and then delete the failed RAID volume if it is necessary.

Step2. Go to “Create” and move the hard drives to “Disk(s) in RAID.”

Step3. You will be able to see “Free Capacity: xxGB” after hard drives are being formatted.

3. Go to "Log System" ---> Hardware Log
   To check if  there is any log as following table. If yes, means the HDD need to replace

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