License activation failed & License transfer failed (Titan)
After click "Activate" license, it shows up "License activation failed."

Or after click "Transfer" to transfer license, it shows up "License transfer failed." 

1. You didn't use LAN 1 port.
2. You didn't set up your Primary DNS.
3. Maybe it's your Network environment issue such as did not turn off the Firewall or did not open 443 port.

1. Please kindly make sure you are using LAN1. (only the LAN1 will go through Internet / Gateway)
2. Please make sure you had set Primary DNS.

3. Please use Offline Activation/Transfer to Activate/Transfer your licenses.

Please refer to below link for Offline Activation and Offline Transfer.

Offline Ativation : How to do the Offline Activation in Titan
Offline Transfer : How to do the Offline Transfer in Titan replica orologi

4. If this issue stil persist please contact us on our eHelpDesk.

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