How to do the Offline Transfer in Mainconsole
We have tow method to do the license Transfer.
1. Online Transfer (If your Mainconsole connect to the internet)
2. Offline Transfer (If your Mainconsole does not connect to the internet)
Here we'll introduce the Offline Transfer.

1. Find “ActivateTool”.( C:Program Files (x86)NUUOSCB_IP)

2. Use Active Tool to Transfer all Serial Number:
    a. Double click the "Active Tool" and it will pop out a message ask you to login Mainconsole.
        And please login.

     b.  After login it will open a  Window of License Management Tool.
         Choose your license and choose Offline then click "Transfer".

    c. Then it will pop out a window to do the Confirmation. Please click "Yes".

   d. Then License Management will generate an OfflinePack folder so it wil pop out a window to ask you where do you
       want to save your OfflinePack. Please choose the location you want to save, for example I save on the Desktop.

  e. After that it wil pop out a Comfirmation to remember to copy OfflinePack  folder to a computer which is connected to
      the internet to do the Transfer.
  f. Then it will create the OfflinePack folder to the location you choose. (For example mine is Desktop)

3. Copy the OfflinePack folder to a PC which is connected to the internet to do the Transfer.
   a. Open the OfflinPack folder and double click Offline Tool.
    b. Then click "Transfer".
  c. Complete! Transfer has finished.

4. If the issue still persists please contact us at eHelpdesk.
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