Uninstall and install Device Pack in Mainconsole
When you try to downgrade your Mainconsole Device Pack, you have to uninstall your NUUO Device Pack for IP first and then install the Device Pack version you want.
And when you want to upgrade your Device Pack, all you have to do is install the latest version of Device Pack directly.
Please follow below step to do the uninstall and install procedure.
1. To uninstall Device Pack, please following below steps:
    Go to Windows Start Menu --> Control Panel --> Programs -->Add or Remove Programs

2. And to install Device Pack 
    a. Please go to our NUUO Web Site first to download the latest Device Pack version.
        Device Pack Download link: http://www.nuuo.com/EmptyNode.php?node_id=2 (Login Required)
    b. Then install the new Device Pack.


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