Unable to view the Remote Live View on the Internet Explorer browser
When trying to view the Remote Live View from the internet explorer. It shows required to install the Active X but after the installation internet explorer page shows an error message and ask to close the program.

1. You are using 64 bit Internet Explorer.
2. You didn't turn off your windows firewall and windows UAC.
3. Your ActiveX does not install correctly.

1. Make sure user is using IE 8 or above, 32 bit. (64 bit is not supported)
2. Make sure user shut off windows firewall and windows UAC.
3. Delete the ActiveX file: “WebViewS_3_2_0” under path:
    C:Documents and SettingsAll UsersDocuments (win xp)
    C:UsersPublicDocuments (win 7)
4. Delete a XML file “WebLiveViewerSettings.xml” under path:
    C:Documents and SettingsAdministratorApplication DataNUUOWebLiveViewerServerIP (win xp)
    C:UsersuserAppDataRoamingNUUOWebLiveViewerServerIP (win 7)
5. Reopen the IE and test again.

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