How to set up record on motion on NVRsolo
NVRsolo doesn't record on motion.

NVRsolo is not like Mainconsole can do the motion detection on recording server. In NVRsolo the motion detection should come from camera itself.
Please go to your IP camera Web page to enable Motion Detection and set NVRsolo with Event recording as well.
Please refer to below example of Axis camera:
1. Login to IP camera web page and click Events Configuration.

2.Set up the Motion Detection Window.
3.Return to NVRsolo and go to "Recording & Event" Setting --->choose the camera and enable "Motion from Camera".

4.Set up Recording Schedule: Go to "Recoeding & Event" to choose Recording Mode---> Recording by Schedule ---> save.

5. Please go to Motion page first to select motion on which camera first.

Note that if you don't select Motion first it will pop out a warning message: "Please select related motion event on [Motion] page first "

6.Then go to Recording Schedule--> choose the IP camera and click "configure" to set up the time reign and Recording Mode  and click OK.

7. After that please click "Save" to save all your configurations.

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