How to set up record on motion on NVRmini 2
NVRmini 2 doesn't record on motion.

NVRmini 2 is not like Mainconsole can do the motion detection on recording server. In NVRmini 2 the motion detection should come from camera itself.
Please go to your IP camera Web page to enable Motion Detection and set NVRmini 2 with Event recording as well.
Please refer to below example,
1.Login to IP camera web page and click Event Configuration.

2.Set up the Motion Detection Window.
3.Return to NVRmini 2 go to "Recording & Event" Setting --->choose the camera and enable "Motion from Camera" ---> "Save"

4. Set up Recording Schedule: Go to "Recoeding & Event" to choose Recording Mode---> Recording by Schedule---> "Save"

5. Then go to Recording Schedule--> choose the IP camera and click "configure" to set up the time reign and Recording Mode and Motion on which camera---> click OK.

6.After that please click "Save" to save all your configurations.


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