Error code:268435460 The license is invalid
After restart the Mainconsole, it will pop out error messages" Error code: 268435460: The license is invalid". 

1. The specific computer information has changed, e.g. replace hardware or re-install OS. The hareward information will change due to user changes Motherboard/RAM/CPU/HDD/OS and Network Adapter....etc. Please notice that re-install OS is "OS change".
To active your License in Wireless LAN Card or 3G connection also result this issue. As this cause, please refer solution 1.

2. Moreover, if user executed Mainconsole on system compatible mode, it will also result this issue. As this cause, please refer solution 2.

3. The OS is installed based on RAID configuration and Mainconsole could not get the correct fingerprint information
Solution 1
Step1: Find “ActivateTool”.( C:Program Files (x86)NUUOSCB_IP) replika shop

Step2: Use Active Tool to Transfer all Serial Number

    Noted that there are two method to do the Transfer:
    1. Online Transfer (If your Mainconsole connect to the internet)
    2. Offline Transfer (If your Mainconsole does not connect to the internet)
        --->we'll guide you in another article named "
  How to do the Offline Transfer "

    And for Online Transfer please follow below steps to do the Online Transfer:
    a. Double click the "Active Tool" and it will pop out a message ask you to login Mainconsole.
        Please login.

     b. After login it will open a Window of License Management Tool.
      Choose your license and choose Online then click "Transfer".

     c. Transfer Successful
Step3: And active all your Serial Number again.
    For Online Activation please follow below steps:
    a. Open your Mainconsole again and it will pop out a message to register your license again. Please click "Yes".

   b. Input your SN.
    c. Activate Successful

Solution 2
User no need to execute Mainconsole with compatible mode if it has been installed in the compatible OS. Please see if whether the compatibility mode has been enabled, if yes, please uncheck it.

If the issue still persists please contact us at eHelpdesk.

Solution 3
To avoid license activation failure or error,replika óra please do not build RAID configuration on OS HDD.

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