Mainconsole popup virtual memory overrun message and reboot.
Mainconsole popup virtual memory overrun message and reboot.

The warning message "virtual memory overrun" indicates that the virtual memory has been overused.
When the Virtual Memory is exceed “1.8G / 3.8G” of MainConsole(32bit OS / 64bit OS), that will stop software and show
the error message.
And you can find the overrun Virtual Memory history(log) in “VirtualSize.txt”,
Note. You can find the file in “C:Program FilesNUUOSCB_IP”. (Default install path.)
Possible reasons are:
1. connect too many cameras.
2. the video parameters of IP cameras are too high.
3. too many client users accessed the server and client use had use transcode funciton(select other streming profile).
4.The IP Camera integration issue cause memory leak happen.
   (Memory leak issue must needs our engineer connect with your Teamviewer and check.)

(1) Change OS to 64bit:
If use 32bit OS, we'll recommend to use NUUO Design Tool to calculate the Minimum CPU first.
And if the Minimum CPU requirement is Intel i5 or i7 CPU, we recommend customer use 64 bit OS to avoid the Virtual
Memory Overrun issue happen.
Because more High resolution IP Cameras connected will require more virtual memory.
Due to the MainConsole needs a little more memory to run some background services and functions(Smart Guard,
Motion Record, Local Display, Remote Client...etc).
The 32-bits OS windows virtual memory only up to 1.8G, but 64bit OS could be up to 3.8G.
If use record on motion, it needs more memory to run motion detection algorithm, so after the memory exceed 1.8G
the Mainconosle will reboot.

(2) remove some camera on another server.
(3) lower the video parameters such as fps and resolution.
(4) limit the maximum connection number in a safer range.

Also, you can check your MainConsole’s Virtual Memory usage by “Process Explorer Utility”.
Process Explorer v15.05 replika shop

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