Hospital Security Management Becomes Easier with NUUO NVR Solution


As a modern hospital with a spacious campus in Grudziadz, Poland, Regional Specialist Hospital is accessed by numerous visitors every day, including patients and their families, medical professionals, and hospital suppliers. The open nature of the institution has put the hospital under great stress when maintaining security on the premise and in its surroundings. Personnel protection aside, sensitivity of hospital operations also poses significant security challenges. Besides restricted areas such as wards, operation rooms, and supply rooms, open spaces like the lobby and parking lots must be monitored. Therefore, the hospital has deployed hundreds of megapixel IP cameras inside and outside the site to provide high-definition images.

Due to the large quantity of IP cameras and a huge amount of video data generated every day, the hospital was eager to find a reliable, easy-to-use, and cost-effective recording and management solution. NUUO’s Mainconsole and CMS (Central Management System) have not only met these demand, but also provided a high level of compatibility and flexibility. As a result, the NUUO solution can be integrated seamlessly with front-end IP cameras and various I/O systems.

Centralized Management

NUUO Mainconsole provides an open platform that integrates various systems including I/O devices, license plate recognition, and access control systems. To manage the large scale of IP surveillance system and alarm systems, the hospital has installed NUUO’s CMS which provides a central management interface for all NUUO Mainconsole recording servers. From camera and alarm system management to video stream viewing and recording, all tasks can be performed on one single platform, dramatically boosting operational efficiency.

With the Matrix Wall function, the staff can control an unlimited number of matrices or viewing consoles, acquiring video images and manage alarms more efficiently and instantly through a video wall. In addition, the NUUO solution can search and detect all available IP cameras within the network, saving the staff a lot of hassles finding the brand and model of a camera.

Intelligent Video Functions

Besides PTZ camera control, the advanced E-map function makes security management a no brainer as it will highlight an incident's location with a video preview window. The NUUO solution will also detect suspicious activities or objects spontaneously, such as lingering or moving objects, tampering, and unauthorized entry or access. When an event is detected, the system will trigger alarms and push notifications along with the playback video of the event to the staff. The staff can respond immediately to minimize losses even though they are not on the premise. With these intelligent features, the hospital has reduced the number of on-site security guards, leading to higher cost efficiency.

The counting filters enable hospital staff to calculate visitors or vehicles in pre-defined areas more efficiently, such as the lobby or parking lots. The hospital is thus able to allocate personnel according to the visitor flow to ensure good customer service.


High Storage Efficiency

While megapixel cameras ensure superb image quality, the storage space and bandwidth requirements are also higher. Thanks to the H.264 codec supported by the NUUO solution, the hospital can save 30-80% of storage space while ensuring smooth transmission of video footages. The staff can also use different modes such as event-triggered, on-motion, or boosting recording to make more efficient use of the storage space while defining recording schedules for each camera on a daily basis.

Recording performance is further improved through the use of multiple disks. The system will dynamically distribute video feeds among the disks to improve throughput. When the storage is full, recording files will be automatically recycled to release more space. The staff can also use the failover feature to specify a backup server to take over the server in use as soon as it breaks down to ensure continuous system availability.

Live and Remote View & Playback

The NUUO solution can display up to 64 channels of live-view videos and 16 channels of recording locally and remotely while streaming videos to multiple Live Viewers, web clients, and mobile clients. Better yet, the NUUO solution can duplicate the same live view video onto multiple channels and digitally zone in to display details of different spots on cloned channels without losing the original live view video. With dual monitor systems, hospital staff is able to view footages from up to 128 cameras.

The multi-stream capability provides optimal viewing experience on any devices as it adjusts streaming quality depending on viewing environments and connection requirements. Hospital staff can view high resolution images on local monitors, and smaller videos on remote viewing apps, saving precious bandwidth and ensuring smooth video loading. Through intelligent search, the staff can search recorded videos more efficiently by event types such as motion, missing objects, foreign objects, camera occlusion, and signal lost.

The NUUO solution has proven invaluable. Not only has it enhanced personnel security but also improved administration and operation efficiency. The staff can be allocated more wisely and can focus on mission-critical tasks.replicas relojes Patients are well-observed and will receive care and support they need at all times. The hospital can also provide high quality images to facilitate investigations when medical disputes arise.



  • Organization: Regionalny Szpital Specjalistyczny
  • Location: Poland
  • Industry: Other
  • Solution: NUUO Mainconsole

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