NUUO and Paxton Successfully secures Boucheries Nivernaises in Paris!


There has never been so much importance dedicated to the protection of a butchers than the recent project to secure the Boucheries Nivernaises in Paris.

For the Bissonet family, the story begins in the 1950’s when Jean Bissonnet, opened a small butchers. Sixty years later, the little shop has grown into the Boucheries Nivernaises group, the very first buyers of meat products on the national Rungis food market. The company now has five sites, including the prestigious Faubourg Saint-Honoré.

The company’s growth is due to employee’s hard-working attitude, high quality product and a love of the food industry that has been passed from generation to generation. The company deliver across France and even supply meat to the French President, François Hollande.

This growth has meant the need for increased security at the company’s premises. Bernard Bissonnet, Managing Director of the group says: “Despite the growth of our activity, a rise in the number of qualified staff and our rigorous procedures we must continue to provide the quality products, delivered on time that customers have grown to expect. This is what our reputation is based on.”

The main security threats to the company were; intrusion, damage to equipment and the theft of goods. Most importantly the Boucheries Nivernaises wanted to protect its employees and guarantee a comfortable and safe working environment. 

The possibility of a breach in security led the company to contact EFDI Installers, subsidiary of the Quallience group. Having reviewed the requirements and specification, EFDI, in collaboration with ADI global distribution, suggested an integrated security system.

The integration includes video-protection, benefiting from recent innovations such as 360° fisheye AXIS cameras, and a user-friendly and flexible networked access control system from Paxton across all five sites. The use of CRYSTAL an open, distributed, centralised Video Management System (VMS) from NUUO Inc, ensures central management of the integrated system on a single platform. CRYSTAL collects the video, metadata and alarm activity whilst ensuring instant reaction and playback in order to interpret and act quickly.

The NUUO-Paxton integration allows the video management system to receive the user’s credentials every time they present their access token. This information is then displayed as an overlay on the video, and stored in the database. This enables the security manager to retrieve video sequences simply by entering a date or a user number into the system.

Antoine Guy, Regional Sales Manager of NUUO says: “Security is often over-looked and seen as an additional cost to a company. It is worth remembering the positive impact is has to the sustainability, quality and growth of a company. It is an investment with a very clear return.”
With the company’s sites secured, the well-being of its team and product quality are guaranteed.  Foremost in the company’s priorities is client and customer satisfaction and for this, the instillation of a flexible, comprehensive and reliable security system is priceless.



  • Organization: Boucheries Nivernaises
  • Location: France
  • Industry: Retail
  • Solution: NUUO Crystal™

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