NUUO’s Most Efficient and Stable Recording System Makes Waukegan Public Library a Safer Place!

The Customer:  

Located in Chicago’s far northern suburbs, Waukegan Public Library has a long history of distinguished service to the community.  The Library, as known today, was preceded by several venues, the first being the Little Fort Reading Room and Library Association which was founded on November 24, 1845.  Waukegan’s current Library building is located at County and Clayton Streets and is part of a governmental complex including both municipal and county buildings. The new Library facility opened for service on December 27, 1965 and was dedicated on April 19, 1966.
Vision: A community that is always learning and discovering.
Mission: Providing the path to support and empower learning and discovery.

The Objective:

To ensure the safety and security of the staff, patrons, and the Library facility.  To proactively prevent violence, crime, and deter vandalism.  To provide real-time monitoring and recorded review of activities in and around the Library and, if needed, to provide recorded events to the authorities.  The solution must work within the existing network infrastructure and require little IT technical involvement from Library staff.  The solution must be affordable and sustainable.

The Challenge:

As a non-for-profit organization that is funded by taxpayer dollars, funds are limited.  Due to this, the costs of replacing a very outdated video surveillance system and the breadth of additional video surveillance ultimately desired, the project would need to span multiple budget years.  The book shelving, study and meeting rooms, and, particularly, the Children’s Department and Early Learning Center presented numerous challenges to provide adequate, cost effective surveillance of these areas to ensure the highest level of security possible.  Being a public building serving a very diverse population certainly added complexities.

The Solution:
Computer Power Systems worked closely with Library staff to understand past events and challenges; critical areas of coverage and priorities; and to develop a workable multi-year implementation plan.  CPS provided advice and recommendations for camera placement in order to cover the areas of greatest concern, giving special consideration to the Children’s and Early Learning areas of the Library.  Taking into consideration the Library’s goals and objectives, CPS recommended the NUUO line of Network Video Recorders (NVRs) for their ease of use, functionality, scalability, reliability, and affordable Total Cost of Ownership.  A number of Hi-Res and Megapixel Axis Cameras were installed throughout the facility to provide the highest quality images available.

The Results:

A comprehensive IP-Based Digital Video Surveillance solution, meeting the Library’s goals and objectives.  The solution provides real-time monitoring of all activities throughout and around the Library.  Instant identification and response to questionable persons on the premises, along with a recorded history of activities to provide for advanced analysis,replicas relojes forensics and evidence, when needed.   Authorized personnel can easily access live and recorded images from any configured workstation on the Library’s network.  Remote access to camera images is also available through a number of remote devices, e.g., iPhones, iPads, Tablets, Androids, etc., to provide Library staff with real-time surveillance around the clock, at or away from the Library.
Cindy Joy, Human Resource Manager, Waukegan Public Library – “Our initial investment was returned in just three months after our system was installed.  Prior to installation of the new system, DVDs were disappearing at a rate of $3,000 per month and we could not identify who was stealing nor how to stop it.  The NUUO system was able to provide high quality footage of the thefts that allowed the Lake County State’s Attorney’s office to make a conviction, and it’s very user friendly and allows quick access and easy retrieval of recorded video surveillance footage.”



  • Organization: Waukegan Public Library
  • Location: United States
  • Industry: Government
  • Solution: NUUO Titan NVR

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