Japanese Chemical Fiber Company Improves Data Center Performance with NUUO Crystal™


A leading Japanese chemical fiber company was looking to upgrade their video recording systems in their data center building. The company has installed 120 surveillance cameras in key business areas such as server rooms, corridors, and parking lots for security. Video images are transmitted to the control center for real-time monitoring and also stored in network video recorders to allow for rapid access and search in the future. As the old recording system became obsolete and unable to fulfill the company’s growing needs, the company needed a solution featuring high performance and scalability.

One of the major considerations for the new recording system is high integration with the existing surveillance system. Support for a large number of channels and comprehensive management functions are also important requirements to meet the company’s needs for centralized recording and management. After comparing a variety of video recording systems, the company has decided to replace the existing recording system with NUUO Crystal™.

Easy Recording and Management of 120 Channels

Three NUUO Crystal™ NVRs have been installed in the offices of the client’s data center building to store image data from 120 cameras. Each NUUO Crystal™ can record up to 64 megapixel footage at a remarkable recording throughput of 250 Mbps. Through the integrated interface which supports Japanese language, the client is able to manage recordings and camera settings centrally while performing many other advanced functions. The client is also impressed by NUUO Crystal™‘s support for an unlimited number of video walls and video displays with up to 100 channels per monitor, allowing them to record and manage 120 channels simultaneously with ease.

High Image Quality over a Long Period of Time

Among the 120 channels, 96 channels are used for uninterrupted recording and 24 channels will only begin recording when movement is detected within the defined region. Since the data is expected to be preserved for at least two years, the H.264 encoding support of the NVRs is extremely useful because the client can rest assured that the video images will always be crystal-clear with sharp details. The improved image quality helps security staff identify problems easily not only in real time but also for a long time into the future.

Modular Design for Maximum Flexibility

The NVRs feature a modular system structure which is ideal for handling large enterprise projects. Different NUUO Crystal™ servers can be deployed to perform different tasks within the comprehensive management solution. The modular design gives the client great flexibility because they can run the modules based on their needs to avoid unnecessary system resource consumption. All modules can be managed centrally while working independently. When a process fails, only that process module shuts down and the rest of the system will continue to function normally, further enhancing the system stability.

Redundancy Guarantees Highest Availability

Redundancy is a major concern for the client when selecting a new recording system. NUUO Crystal™ comes with a recording failover server to provide additional safety with continuous recording. Besides maximizing server uptime and guaranteeing performance consistency, the failover function can be assigned and managed as a cluster to achieve N+M redundancy. Furthermore, the NVRs are equipped with redundant internal power supplies which not only minimize downtime but also bring availability to a higher level as the backup power supply will take over immediately and automatically when the primary power supply has failed. Failed power supplies can be replaced during system operation, eliminating the worries of downtime.

Convenient Remote Live View and Management

The client can manage the NVRs and watch live/playback video streams anytime and anywhere on a Web browser or using the NuClient client software, gaining complete control over the entire system at their fingertips. The administrators can easily access the surveillance systems from their mobile phones or tablets with 3G connections even when they are away on a business trip.

High Level of Integration with Flexible User Interface

Since NUUO Crystal™ supports a wide range of Japanese branded IP cameras including Panasonic and Forenix currently installed at the client’s offices, the client can easily integrate the new solution with their existing IP surveillance systems. Meanwhile, NUUO Crystal™ provides an intuitive, user-friendly graphical user interface which requires minimal amount of training time. The layout of the interface such as camera control functions or video image screens can be rearranged according to the client’s preferences and needs to allow for more efficient navigation.

After installing NUUO Crystal™, the client is able to manage a large amount of video data in a more efficient and cost-effective way. The client is very pleased with the results and is planning to introduce more NUUO systems to their new offices in the years to come.




  • Organization: Japanese Chemical Fiber Company
  • Location: Japan
  • Industry: Industrial
  • Solution: NUUO Crystal™

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