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School security has long been the primary concern for teachers and parents alike. A secure ground for the young’s education also puts the community’s mind at ease. When choosing security solution for schools, flexibility to accommodate different school environments from door to hallways to open play fields and the ease of use must be considered. Any extra benefits that would make protecting the campus perimeters easier are also welcomed. 

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Located in Wolverhampton, Aldersley High School houses nearly 700 students and has held specialist status in technology for a number of years and the specialist subjects are mathematics, science and technology. It is a vibrant school,replicas de relojes and its head teacher wanted the best technology inside protecting campus safety. In the end, Aldersley High School chose NUUO solutions based on expandability and ease of use.


Aldersley High School has a large perimeter to cover, and there is no guarantee when additional coverage will be needed in the future when school expands. NUUO Mainconsole had been chosen precisely because it offers the best expansion possibilities. Mainconsole is NUUO’s unique Tri-brid solution that will work with both IP and Analog cameras, offering seamless integration and smooth user experience. Users no longer have to worry about which type of camera to choose from, nor should they ever worry that they need to replace both the DVR and camera rig in the event of expansion. 
Monitoring and reviewing recorded footages on the NUUO Mainconsole is equally simple. Mainconsole supports multi-stream and a plethora of viewing modes that is sure to save bandwidth and enhance the video monitor experience. Not limited to just local viewing, Mainconsole also supports remote viewing via web browsers and dedicated smart phone apps. 
NUUO Mainconsole also offers many optional modules that are perfectly suited to enhance campus safety, including powerful server-based video analytics function that can instantly turn any supported cameras into an intelligent detector, even if the camera itself does not come with video analytics feature.
Simple, expandable, and powerful. These are the benefits of NUUO Mainconsole. NUUO focuses on delivering innovative products to keep schools a safe place for students. For more information on NUUO Mainconsole visit NUUO today


  • Organization: Aldersley High School
  • Location: United Kingdom
  • Industry: Education
  • Solution: NUUO Mainconsole

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