Deployment of NUUO Mainconsole Hybrid Recorders Results in Superior Protection of Stafford Grammar School Children

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Founded in 1982, Stafford Grammar School teaches about 400 students and is one of the leading schools in Staffordshire. It started out with the main school building which is a fine Victorian manor house, but recently added new buildings such as the Sports and Music Centre Extension and the Stafford Preparatory School. 


Ensuring the safety and well-being of children and staff at all times is a key priority in the education field. However, the expanding student population and new campus buildings recently rendered Stafford's existing surveillance installation (a DVR system) obsolete. To meet the new requirements, a new solution had to be installed which would retain the existing analog cameras, integrate new IP cameras, and be capable of fully accommodating future expansion of the school's infrastructure. 


Flexible and expandable were stated as the key requirements for any new security system being installed at Stafford. This being the case, Cress Security Co. Ltd. presented NUUO Mainconsole Hybrid Recorder and IP+ license as the optimum solution.

Currently 17 cameras in total are installed at three different sites and additional developments are coming soon. One NUUO Mainconsole IP+ is installed in the Preparatory School, which hosts five IP cameras. In the two other sites, the G Block and the Sports Hall, two Mainconsole Hybrid Recorders integrate the existing analog cameras with the new IP cameras.

If we look closely at the system architecture, every site carries out local recording and monitoring directly via NUUO Mainconsole, with all recording equipment located in the decision-makers’ offices (i.e. those of the site manager and head teachers). Thanks to this hybrid solution, the supervisors have access to an advanced management system and options for image quality that can be varied according to the requirements of the monitored location. The recording and view parameters are 1.3 megapixels via the ZAVIO D7111, while D1 and VGA parameters are also available via the NUUO capture cards, the SCB-7004S, and SCB-3004 (Mainconsole Hybrid Recorder).

Moreover, NUUO Remote Live Viewer has raised the situational awareness of the site manager and the head teachers for all sites and they can now respond to all situations regardless of where they occur on campus. In fact the software enables central management of all recorders from Mainconsole Family and provides remote live view, playback, and other functions. On top of that, NUUO iViewer, the mobile application, enables monitoring anytime and anyplace, thus increasing the efficiency of operations and security, especially when the school is closed.


Enabling users to specify the image quality required for monitored sites, while simultaneously providing multiple users with access to remote monitoring, greatly aids campus decision-makers meet their commitments and maintain the stellar reputation of Stafford Grammar School. As site manager Kevin Hunter has said: “Stafford Grammar School is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and young people. The new hybrid solution system enables us to promote a welcoming environment and solve any potential disputes during and after school hours.” This happy state of affairs is destined to continue because, although further campus infrastructure expansion is scheduled, NUUO Mainconsole is easily upgraded to handle additional channels and servers. 



  • Organization: Stafford Grammar School
  • Location: United Kingdom
  • Industry: Education
  • Solution: NUUO Mainconsole

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