Suburb in Johannesburg increases security and reduce response time by Vivotek IP cameras and NUUO Mainconsole surveillance solution
Sharonlea, a residential suburb in Johannesburg chose the Nuuo Surveillance Software to increase the security within the suburb as well as to enable the responding security company with a direct feed to the area via a wireless link from their corporate offices. The solution was installed to combat crime as well as to create a safe/secure haven for the 250+ houses of the suburb.

The cameras have been setup to capture number plates at the three entrances to the area as well as to monitor the movement of vehicles/peoples throughout the suburb to their destination points.

The fact that the security company that provides services to the area, including a 24/7 armed response vehicle, are able to monitor the suburb remotely in the control room via a dedicated 100MBPS link speeds up response times when needed most.
The Nuuo product was able to meet the client’s requirements regarding cost efficiency, security, reliability, scalability and a simplified operators console for the monitoring staff.
System Specifications

The currently installed system has 24 operational cameras situated throughout the area mounted on Stainless Steel 3.5m poles. All control gear is mounted on the poles in IP66 rated steel enclosures. As there is no possibility of reticulating between these poles a wireless 5.0GHZ network has been installed between the points. Power issues were resolved via the connection to the individual meter boxes of the houses, feeding a UPS on each individual pole. 

The wireless back-bone enabling streaming to the security companies premises, consist of three hops due to distance as well as line of site constraints. It consists of a 5.0 GHZ Rocket M5 Network, with a 20m/s delay from the area to the remote monitoring site. Current throughput has been measured at 27MBPS, leaving ample room for scalability up to the eventual requirement of 62 cameras in the suburb.

Nuuo has proven a stable and reliable platform and in conjunction with Vivotek and the installation and maintenance services of the installer, Acquired Business Solutions (Pty) Ltd, the system continuous to deliver on the promises as made by the sales representative 



  • Organization: Sharonlea Residential Suburb
  • Location: South Africa
  • Industry: Residential
  • Solution: NUUO Mainconsole

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