Vodafone Egypt is delighted with the NUUO Mainconsole Surveillance Solution's effect on reducing store theft

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Vodafone Egypt is the leading mobile operator in Egypt, and proudly serves more than 36.3 million customers (December 2011). It offers the most advanced technology for its customers, the best in working environments for its 6,500 employees, and has the strongest corporate responsibility initiatives for local communities.


Vodafone Egypt's surveillance system has expanded rapidly along with its growing business: increasing from 588CH in 2011 to 1,512CH in 2012, distributed in 4 office buildings, 53 direct sales stores, and many other franchise stores throughout Cairo, Alexandria, the Delta, the Canal, and other cities in upper Egypt. As it continues its expansion plans, management of its numerous offices and stores has become a challenge.
Another issue is that stores have been robbed by thieves entering at night, significantly impacting profitability. As such, the surveillance system was expected not only to record events but to help solve all of the above challenges.


Golden Group is a prestigious distributor and system integrator in Egypt. Due to the success of its several township projects and high-quality services, NUUO enjoys very positive brand recognition in Egypt. Thus, Vodafone Egypt decided to adopt the Golden Group’s recommendation to install a NUUO Mainconsole recording solution in each office and store. Camera channels installed in critical locations within multiple stores can be displayed centrally in the head office using NUUO Remote Live Viewer central monitoring software. 


The NUUO Mainconsole recording solution provides multiple recording modes, and Vodafone utilizes “record on event” to record video of individuals entering stores at night. On detecting unwanted events, it triggers a siren to scare criminals off. It can also alert security guards by displaying red script on their monitors with an accompanying warning sound, prompting them to initiate a response.
Thanks to the Smart Search and the easy export of recorded video into ASF/AVI files, video evidence can be quickly and conveniently handed over to the police. The resulting efficiency in cracking criminal cases also inhibits potential thieves from committing crimes. All of this leads to reduced rates of store theft.
An added benefit is that the recorded video is very useful for settling disputes between store clerks and customers. Recorded video has helped Vodafone to clear up disagreements and provide customers with better service.
Lastly, the NUUO surveillance solution is easy to install and operate, and has become important for managing Vodafone Egypt's numerous branches across the country. “We are very satisfied with NUUO solution,” says Khaled El Alawi, head of Vodafone Egypt's Physical Security Team. 



  • Organization: Vodafone Egypt
  • Location: Egypt
  • Industry: Retail
  • Solution: NUUO Mainconsole

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