Omena Hotels choose NUUO CMS & NUUO Mainconsole to protect its guests, as part of a complete surveillance system provided via the Securitas Oy Control Center

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Omena Hotels operates 14 hotels in cities across Finland, Sweden and Denmark, with each property situated nearby the main attractions of its urban locale. Self- service is the key concept driving the Omena Hotel business model. 


Since self-service is key to Omena Hotels' operations, the main challenges for the surveillance solution system are providing security and customer services to the guests. Not all of the hotel properties employ service personnel and, in such cases, the hotel lobby offers a self-service Help Desk. To respond to all the challenges this presents, when Omena Hotels recently opened five new hotels in Finland, they decided to convert from a DVR Standalone system to a powerful central management surveillance system facilitating
instant response.


Securitas Oy designed a solution using NUUO Mainconsole IP+ to enable Omena Hotels to monitor its five new hotels. The whole system is linked to the Securitas Oy Control Center which uses NUUO CMS. Other NUUO installations set up by this global security services company are also connected to NUUO CMS and currently the number of channels has reached 1 600. Most of the named sites come from the retail or hospitality vertical markets and include department stores, restaurants, etc. From this control center, four monitors are in use for live view, playback and events management: one monitor is for CMS Client, three are for CMS Matrix (using the view tour and transcode).
As to the design of the Omena Hotels surveillance solution, 67 IP cameras were installed in total in the new hotels and each site uses one PC which runs NUUO Mainconsole recording server. The recording is done onsite and the five recorders are remotely accessed and centralized by Securitas Oy Control Center via fiber-optic and a PoE Switch. NUUO Mainconsole provides a range of recording modes, with record on event being the mode selected for use. Thanks to this feature for each site, the total internal storage is around 2.5TB. Further expansion is planned and around 200 new cameras will be installed when Omena Hotels renovates its existing hotels in the near future.
Using NUUO CMS, Securitas Oy is able to completely fulfill the main requirements of the organization. Indeed, NUUO CMS enables centralized alarms, E-maps, and the Matrix Wall management of all NUUO Mainconsole servers to be connected. With these features, Securitas Oy security staff can be remotely and instantly alerted via a variety of alarms when an event occurs. Plus, they can acquire detailed information regarding events via, for instance, the unlimited E-map on which indicators can be superimposed and alerts can be set to generate a red bubble or window enabling live viewing.


Thanks to NUUO solutions, when incidents take place, Securitas Oy can efficiently send security personnel from their control center to monitored sites: in this case, Omena Hotel's properties. Each intervention is thus efficient, as is the ensuing investigation conducted by NUUO CMS. In light of all this, Robert Laine, the COO of Omena Hotels has stated: “We have started using NUUO in our new hotels, on request by Securitas, since this system is faster and easier to use, deploys high definition cameras, and offers a fast and easy-to-use range of search functions.”



  • Organization: Omena Hotels
  • Location: Finland
  • Industry: Hospitality
  • Solution: NUUO Mainconsole

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