NUUO Free “Remote Live Viewer” Enables RDCC Bank Head Office to Centrally Monitor 55 Bank Branches

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Raigad District Central Co-operative Bank (RDCC Bank) is one of the premier banks in the Raigad District of Maharashtra, India. It currently has a total of 55 branches and 25 ATM centers.


RDCC Bank relied upon another brand's DVR card solution until they began expanding and opening more bank branches. Then, with the head office's need for a more powerful yet easy to use solution for centrally monitoring all of its 55 branches, RDCC sought an alternative solution.

However, the limited bandwidth available between each branch and the head office presented a serious challenge. Challenge number two was how to enable the head office to view real time quality (i.e. 15 frames per second) video streams coming in from all of its branches.rolex replica These were the key factors in selecting the most suitable solution.


JVC India ( Mhatre Electronics Pvt Ltd ), a renowned distributor and solution provider for CCTV domain, has consistently provided RDCC with impressive solutions and quality service. On determining RDCC's needs, the solution they proposed was the NUUO Mainconsole DVR.
The NUUO Mainconsole DVR stood out in the process of selecting the most suitable solution for RDCC, thanks to its customizable stream profile and easy to use central monitoring capabilities.
The Mainconsole allows users to define their own stream profile via the parameters of video code, resolution, fps (frames per second), or bit rate. Users have a maximum 5 stream profile types to choose from. In accordance with the bandwidth currently available, head office management can use NUUO's free remote client software, Remote Live Viewer, to choose which type of stream to view. This feature efficiently overcomes the challenge presented by RDCC's limited bandwidth.
Remote Live Viewer is a remote monitoring software package designed for central monitoring. It can display up to 128 camera channels simultaneously. While RDCC has to monitor a total of 220 channels coming in from 60 branches, Remote Live Viewer provides an “auto scan” function that enables users to rotate through various views and which is also capable of monitoring all 220 channels. 


Since applying the NUUO Mainconsole solution along with its easy to use Remote Live Viewer, RDCC management has discovered that central monitoring can really be easy. As RDCC now maintains real-time situational awareness of each branch and can respond immediately with appropriate measures to any situation, robberies and other unwanted activities have been significantly curtailed. Even if something unfortunate manages to slip past them initially, the NUUO Smart Search capability helps efficiently locate the video clips that recorded the event, and the police can then be provided quickly with useful video evidence for their investigation.orologi replica With this solution up and running, RDCC management has commented with great satisfaction that the “NUUO Mainconsole is the right solution to ensure our security and enhance our operations efficiency.”



  • Organization: RDCC Bank
  • Location: India
  • Industry: Banking
  • Solution: NUUO Mainconsole

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