NUUO IP Surveillance System to Secure LG Branch Offices

NUUO solution is monitoring the safety of employees at many LG Powercomm branches

With a capital of $750 billion KRW, LG Powercomm in Seoul, Korea, is one of the leading companies in optical cable and cable TV transmission network business. The company greatly contributed to the establishment of the national High-speed communication network using an optical cable of the highest quality. To ensure a quality service is delivered in all branch offices and also to ensure the safety of all properties of all branch offices, a flexible, reliable, and easy to maintain surveillance system is urgently required.

NUUO IP surveillance system supports 2000 cameras that safeguard LG Powercomm

LG Powercom constructed a monitoring system using the NUUO IP system with Vivotek cameras. The whole implementation takes place with 30 set of NUUO IP-64 surveillance system. With a project of nearly 2000 IP cameras,repliche orologi the first installation was to adapt 356 cameras in many branch offices of LG Powercom. With LG Powercom core business in high-speed data transmission, a dedicated Gigabit network was utilized for video and audio transportation.

User friendly and globe access

On the security perspective, NUUO IP surveillance system was monitoring and recording all activities going on during the office hours and after the office hours. On the monitoring perspective, security managers could easily use NUUO Remote Live-Viewer to access different cameras from different branches. In addition, they can also perform the same monitoring access via IE at any location where Internet Access is available.

Expend easily with competitive price

NUUO surveillance solution offers not only a professional control of security with competitive price, but also reduces cost of employees and threshold of technology problems. By using IP cameras, installation cost was reduced, high quality video was made possible, and flexible remote monitor and video analytics was accessible.



  • Organization: LG Powercom
  • Location: Korea
  • Industry: Industrial
  • Solution: NUUO Mainconsole

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