Private School and Church Keeps Students Safe in Louisiana

Customer Profile

Shreveport Community Church is a church open to all believers, emphasizing a life of love and faith in Louisiana. Family worship factors prominently at the location, which is also a private school on weekdays.

Background & Solution

The Kid City is part of the church's mission for families. Kid City features an indoor playground, free-play arcade, a party room, a café for parents, and a 250-seat Kid City Theater. Security is taken seriously, with a touch-screen check-in system and cameras throughout the facility. The school security team required a hybrid surveillance solution to safeguard children at all times. NUUO Certified Partner, Guardian Alarm Systems, installed 80pcs analog cameras within the school and streamed footage to three PC-based DVRs, making up by NUUO Mainconsole DVR Cards. Another 6pcs two megapixel IP cameras were deployed outside at the parking lots to capture faces and license plates clearly. By activating the NUUO Mainconsole IP license, the IP cameras streamed to one of the three servers, turning this server into a seamless hybrid recording solution. NUUO recording covered all of Shreveport Community Church’s needs, making it the clear choice for monitoring.


NUUO Mainconsole’s Smart Guard technology helped detect when students went out of bounds. Alerts were detected by cameras, the NUUO Mainconsole DVR/hybrid and digital inputs/outputs. Once a predefined event occurs, the NUUO Mainconsole starts recording. Should students wander off, the security staff and principal are alerted immediately. Remote live viewing gives school administrators peace of mind. Checking up on students is just a click away. Through NUUO Remote Live Viewer, administrators can handle all the 86 camera channels from three servers simultaneously. For parents, they can download NUUO iViewer in their mobile devices to “see” their children from anywhere, providing unparalleled safety. For the future, Shreveport Community Church plans to expand its camera network to 100 cameras. With NUUO free client software, Remote Live Viewer, capable of centrally managing up to 128CHs from multiple servers, the school administration can count on a solution smart enough to grow with its children.

Customer Feedback

The powerful features and ease of use made NUUO's solution best-in-class for the school. Jerry White, student disciplinary officer at Shreveport Community Church, said, “NUUO's simple user interface allows me to pinpoint events easily. I feel reassured, knowing all of our classrooms and hallways have video cameras.”



  • Organization: Shreveport Church
  • Location: United States
  • Industry: Education
  • Solution: NUUO Mainconsole

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