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Based in Hsin-Chiu, Taiwan, over the past 25 years, TSMC has firmly established itself as a global technology leader in the dedicated IC (Integrated Circuit) foundry sector.


TSMC was keen to move away from existing outmoded standalone systems to an integrated video surveillance and access control solution that could protect its industrially sensitive processes. The potential to assist productivity was also an added-value consideration. The first phase saw 900 analogue cameras installed with scope for expansion to 8 000 channels. To accommodate the new camera inputs NUUO Mainconsole DVRs and NUUO CMS (Central Management System) servers were specified from the start. Key project challenges that had to be addressed included: the large camera numbers and the fact that all of the cameras, and the associated NUUO Mainconsole DVRs, were to be configured in distinct LANs (Local Area Networks). A VPN (Virtual Private Network) was adopted to bring the LANs together and Gigaport switches fitted to ensure consistent, reliable, transmission. Another factor was the need to integrate, seamlessly, the NUUO Mainconsole DVRs with the access control system.

Taking a closer look at the major project elements, supplied by distributor Ciean Po Intl. Co. Ltd. and designed-in by Adept System Inc., the high performance and flexible NUUO Mainconsole DVRs offer advanced capabilities. The boosting record on event mode, an attractive feature, is increased recording resolution and FPS (Frames Per Second) when an event is detected. The video recording parameters defined for the TSMC project were a VGA resolution of 10 FPS and 60-day video storage. As a result each server has 14TB of HDD with RAID5 for back-up. The NUUO DVR Card rolled out here is a PC-based recording system for analogue cameras but, with the future in mind, can be readily upgraded to a hybrid solution via an IP camera license. Turning to the control room, a user-friendly NUUO CMS server supports the NUUO Mainconsole DVRs. In practice, should the access control system issue an alarm, video can be displayed on a 20-monitor CMS Matrix Wall. Additionally, NUUO's powerful metadata search capability means TSMC's security staff can rapidly search the access control log and, if necessary, pull-up relevant recorded data.


The single and consistent, NUUO platform, which is compatible with the access control system (3rd Party Integration), signifies a major transformation in capability for TSMC over and above the, analogue only, Bosch DVRs previously in place and more recent NVRs from other vendors. In fact, these legacy systems could only operate as discrete and inefficient elements. Looking ahead, the NUUO Mainconsole DVR has the flexibility to be upgraded to a hybrid or even tribrid system and, with the powerful NUUO CMS, there is the potential to support thousands of camera channels. Mr Huang, President of Adept System – the system integrator, is positive about the solution's impact: “The NUUO solution has great flexibility and the integration with access control helps manage industrial security and human resources.”



  • Organization: TSMC
  • Location: Taiwan
  • Industry: Industrial
  • Solution: NUUO Mainconsole

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