NUUO hybrid system and Adonis CMS guard the electronic voting boxes in TRE Parana (Court of Justice for Electronics), Brazil

NUUO helps to keep threats away from electronic voting boxes in over 100 sites

TRE Parana, the court of justice for elections in Brazil, is responsible to maintain all of the electronic voting boxes in the State of Parana. The voting boxes are located in 100 different voting sites around the state which need to be locked away in high security area after each election. It is critical that the court keeps these boxes hidden from hackers and threads alike to ensure fair election. TRE Parana found NUUO systems the only reliable solution to centrally manage 927 cameras and high quantity of alert events.

Reliability matters, flexibility matters, scalability matters

“NUUO was chosen largely because it is very reliable” said Gustavo Rizzo, Commercial Director of VAULT. “As the sites are wide spread over the province, system stability becomes critical in reducing the ongoing maintenance and operation costs.” NUUO Adonis CMS provides more scalability than any other platforms out there and is truly the winning solution for multi‐site installs. The flexibility that NUUO hybrid systems offer is also a key factor in this project where all 824 analog cameras are kept through NUUO H.264 DVR capture cards (SCB‐7000 series). The rest of 103 IP megapixel cameras are also managed by the same software where operators can see both analog and megapixel cameras through the same interface.

Intuitive GUI and intelligent features make managing 900 cameras easier than ever

NUUO is always advancing to provide easier management software through new features and interface enhancement. Adonis CMS allows the operator to track and manage 57 types of alarm with minimal human involvement. All the controls are done through an interactive map where the operator can directly control live view, playback, events and matrix. Moreover, operator can quickly sort though different events in playback and filter out relevant video which is critical during time sensitive situations.



  • Organization: TRE Parana
  • Location: Brazil
  • Industry: Government
  • Solution: NUUO Mainconsole

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