NUUO Adonis CMS and SCB‐IP+ secure citizens’ safety in Suwon City, Korea

Suwon City prevents crime and improves environment safety with NUUO software

Suwon City, in central Gyeonggi‐do of Korea, has over 1 million residents. It is the heart of Gyeonggi Province which houses most of the state government buildings such as Suwon District Court, Suwon District Prosecutor’s Office, Gyeonggi Provincial Office of Education and Gyeongin Regional Tax Office. After detailed comparisons, the government security consoles decided on NUUO Adonis CMS and SCB‐IP+ platform. Out of a handful of other NVR selections only NUUO stood up to the challenge of protecting Suwon City, offering superior reliability, rich features and intuitive controls.

Highly integrated solution, the ultimate cost saving platform

Suwon City has over 170 analog cameras already in place and is looking to add 64 Turen megapixel speed domes to extend its coverage. NUUO NVR SCB‐IP+ software help to bring both the analog cameras and new megapixel cameras together under the same system cutting the overall cost by nearly 25%. This enables the city to spend more on other integrated equipments to further strength overall security.

Friendly user interface and intelligent functions save time on education

“NUUO intelligent playback system and automatic backup scheduler makes storing and searching video faster than any other NVR” said Suwon City spokesman. “Operators can easily search for relevant video and backup directly with a few mouse clicks.” In addition,rolex replica Adonis CMS supports over 57 automatic alarm functions that helped to reduce the risk of human errors. The alarm popup notifications, instant event playback and 2‐way real time audio all helped to keep Suwon City’s security system in check. The operators can easily maneuver through the interactive maps on Adonis CMS and timely respond to any emergency situation.



  • Organization: Suwon City
  • Location: Korea
  • Industry: Government
  • Solution: NUUO Mainconsole

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