Gaming Business Hits the Jackpot by Switching to NUUO Surveillance System

Romanian Rexo casino upgrades to NUUO DVR intelligent surveillance system

RexoGame Ltd is the manufacture and service provider of gambling machine and casino supplies. After two months of testing and observing, they have decided to replace the original surveillance system with NUUO H.264 DVR system. Installation applies to both its office and casino. Not only does NUUO provide reliable and stable quality,replika órák but also does help RexoGame to monitor money transfer and gamble incidents.

NUUO offers a user friendly system with high quality images and unique intelligent playback

RexoGame begins to use NUUO on examine and restructure its products states after a long testing period. “We tested the NUUO PC based DVR systems. NUUO offers a better quality of images, and color, has user friendly software, possibility of storage management through different settings of quality of the recordings, improved investigations through the settings of the playback.” NUUO also helped to solve some misunderstandings and miscellaneous incidents. “In couple of occasions we carried out successful investigations by reviewing the recorded material, on reported missing personal items while gambling, by providing sufficient incriminating prove to the authorities, against the lawbreaker,” said the owner of RexoGame.

Prevent cheating and violence on the game floor

RexoGame upgraded the security system with NUUO H.264 PC-based DVR system. With strictly monitoring, the gaming machine is better designed to prevent cheating incidents. Customers at its casino also feel more confident while play at RexoGame. NUUO H.264 PC-based DVR system can manage 64ch simultaneously with NUUO “I-guard” intelligent management system. Real-time D1 resolution provides crystal clear view. It’s considered the most reliable surveillance system ever.



  • Organization: Rexo Casino
  • Location: Romania
  • Industry: Hospitality
  • Solution: NUUO Mainconsole

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