NUUO IP Surveillance Solution Enhances the Security of Gaston College protecting more than 16,000 Students

NUUO guards the safety of over 16,000 students on campus

Part of the North Carolina Community College System, Gaston College ( enrolls over 5,000 students each term in curriculum programs and averages over 16,000 students annually in its Continuing Education programs. The twelve major buildings that comprise the Gaston College campus contain approximately 450,868 square feet and have an estimated current value of $41,385,862. The college campus police department comprises over 10 full time officers responsible for the safety of the students, faculty, and visitors.

Effective and efficient solution even with limited budget

To assist them in their law enforcement responsibilities, the college turned to South Sales Communications and its' partner IP Systems for an all IP camera solution from NUUO to enhance the campus security and provide full motion detection recording and playback to review security incidents for the common areas and parking lots. NUUO’s IP+ series support up to 64 channels from megapixel IP camera or video servers. Smart detection of 6 events helps Gaston College to respond and send notice to relative officers when there are uncommon actions. In addition, police officers could utilize playback function to investigate events to protect safety of college.

Remote live view helps police officers to monitor campus safty

Gaston College now has 32 IP cameras from Vivotek and Axis installed at the cashiers offices, bookstores, cafeteria, counseling areas, and parking. All IP video is transferred back to the NUUO recording server over a state of the art fiber and ethernet network, with the resulting video streams being nearly absolute real-time, with ping times to some cameras on network segments being less than a millisecond. Gaston College is continually adding more cameras to their network as the main server will hold up to 64 IP camera feeds. With the NUUO remote live viewer, the police dispatcher can monitor events in real time as officers respond to the scene. All of these could help not only police to monitor situation of surrounding at college but also provide officers to have more response time to deal with uncommon events.



  • Organization: Gaston College
  • Location: United States
  • Industry: Education
  • Solution: NUUO Mainconsole

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